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Fragmented Mnemonics: In the research that I conducted for my Master’s degree I interrogate my own memory in order to illustrate its fragmented and unstable nature. I revisit a specific childhood memory and attempt to recreate it visually through the creation of jewellery pieces. However, the unattainability of a consistent memory becomes increasingly evident in the process of its externalization. My work thus speaks of the unravelling of memory, as well as the piecing together and imagining of a new memory. My thesis and my practical work are an exploration of this ambivalent nature of memory. Even though memory is concerned with the past, it is also about the present as our memories can also be manipulated by present prejudices.

Seven Deadly Seductions: Inspired by the seven deadly sins, the series humorously challenges the seductiveness of unethical behavior. The pieces are personal interpretations and abstractions of form, material and colour, which takes a satirical stance against popular culture and the consumer oriented lifestyle that so many of us have become accustom to. They portray negative character traits as jewels, which confront the meaning of status symbols. This series of pieces specifically speak to my own relationship with consumer culture; hopelessly hopeful for a solution.

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